Connection parenting education

Georgie informs and educates parents, families, organizations and members of the community on connection parenting via a range of education services.

Parent education talks and workshops

Georgie can help people in your community, at your school or in your workplace by giving talks or workshops in your area of choice.

Talks and workshops deliver tools to manage a range of parenting challenges. In addition they provide an explanation of the underlying science behind their effectiveness. Topics can be created or customised to suit the needs of your community, but include the following:

  • How children’s emotions work
  • Preparing for the birth of a sibling
  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Babies and crying
  • Non-punitive discipline
  • Managing emotional moments
  • Siblings
  • Setting limits
  • Separation
  • Tears and tantrums

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, half-day or full-day

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“Georgie was an excellent facilitator who answered technical questions, or clarified aspects of the tools when asked. She also encouraged us to access our own intelligence and understanding, in order to answer our own questions”



Parenting by Connection Starter Class (formerly called Building Emotional Understanding)

Gain a useful set of parenting tools to work through challenging behaviours. This instructor-led class gives you the insight, tools and support to:

  • Understand children’s emotional needs
  • Set limits
  • Apply and discuss proven tools for resolving off-track behaviour
  • Understand the common causes of crying and its benefits
  • Learn why children throw tantrums and how to respond to them
  • Help children with anger and fears
  • Reduce parenting stress and increase co-operation
  • Master effective listening skills.

Duration: 6 weeks

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“She has been amazing throughout this group. Always respectful and supportive, a warm presence. She has gone above and beyond sourcing additional resources (articles) that come up during the sessions. She is brilliant”



Parenting support groups

These are a great opportunity to review where you are at with your parenting, share experiences and focus on a particular topic for more in-depth learning.

Parenting support groups are open to those who have already attended a Parenting by Connection Starter Class (Building Emotional Understanding), study group or workshop.

Duration: Between 1-2 hours, depending on the group size.

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  • "We come into the world inbuilt with some amazing natural healing mechanisms. To heal from overwhelm, stress and trauma through crying laughing and playing with loving connection. Life is much easier, happier and more connected for us and our children if we embrace these processes rather than working against them "

    (Marion Rose)

  • "Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back toyourself "

    (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)